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Amish Cook Stoves


Quality Country Products from Tschirhart's

At Amish Cook Stoves from Tschirhart’s, we provide you with quality product for country living, or for those that like to make their home feel like the country.
We have selected Amish Made Cook Stoves from Supper Time Stoves for there simplicity, functionality, practical design and affordability. Since the Amish depend on these stoves for their very existence we know they are built to withstand the demands of daily use. Supper Time Stoves have been producing these cook stoves and the Cunningham wood burning furnace for over 25 years. A testimony to their durability!!

Similarly, Margin Cook Stoves has been producing Antique Style Ornate Cook Stoves which offer character, quality and durability, for over 25 years.

Please take a look at each stove to determine which best suits your need.
The Amish Cook Stoves have been warming bellies and bodies for generations and we are sure they will keep you warm as well!!


Amish Farm

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