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We will update this page as we have more Questions and Answers to post.

For the Pioneer Maid Airtight Cook Stoves:

1. What About Coal? Can you use it?

Yes & No. It is not recommended. Most grades of coal do not burn well without a great deal of oxygen being supplied up through the base of the fire. This doesn't mean you can't use it. But with wood being cheaper, more available and cleaner, why use coal in wood burning stoves. Plus with the new airtight wood burning stoves, having to burn coal to maintain a fire through the night isn't necessary any more.

2. What is the difference between the Water Coils and the Water Reservoir?

A reservoir tank is a holding tank that is heated by it's proximity to the stove. A water coil is used to provide you with domestic hot water. The reservoir not only increases your overall cooking space but provides an area to place pots and pans when a low heat is desired.

For the Baker's Choice Cook Stoves:

For the Cunningham Wood Stoves:

1. Why the curved appearance?

We would like to tell you what makes this design superior. Think of how your body is made, and what happens when you breathe. Your rib cage, which is curved, moves in and out. The Cunningham Wood Stoves are a lot like you body. When it heats up it needs room to expand and breathe.

How many stoves have you seen that after 10 years of use, no longer resemble their initial shape? Not so with the Cunningham.

2. All right, so how do you explain that there is an even heat all over your house from back to front, from bottom to the top, and yet no annoying whir of the fan is heard?

The outside porcelain enamel cover of your stove drops down to within six inches of the floor. Here agian we made use of a very scientific principle. Heat will always want to ascend and go up or rise. As the heat rises from your Cunningham heater, it actually pulls the cool air up off the floor.

Think of air like water. If you pour a glass of water out on your table, how deep will that water be on your table? In your glass it could have been 3 1/2 inches deep. But on your table, it is spread out not more than 1/8" all over.

Without the porcelain cover on the Cunningham heater it would be like most other heating stoves - like an invisible glass of water surrounding your stove. Close up to it, it would be nice and cozy, but Burr! Those back corners of the room would still be cold.

With this porcelain cover surrounding the Cunningham, the coldest air from your floor and the back corners of the room, are actually pulled up through the fins into your stove. This forces the warm air from the ceiling to rush into the farthest corners to replace the cool air that has risen from off your floor. This concept creates an even heat and temperature throughout your entire house. And you use no more power to make this possible then you do to even out the water on your table top.

3. Now, how can you claim to burn less wood and yet make more heat?

Again, the Cunningham Wood Stoves have been designed very scientifically. We have been able to double the surface on the side of the Cunningham that steel comes in contact with air, by welding sixteen fins on the outside of the bare stove before the porcelain is put on. Heat is moved out to the fins to where air is flowing past and is being picked up.

Just like a radiator cools your motor, so fins cool the stove.

4. Now that you have convinced me that the Cunningham Wood Stoves are a superior stove, will I need to take a special course on how to operate one? Or worse yet, get up in the night to baby sit the Cunningham?

You won't need a college degree to operate the Cunningham, nor will you need to baby sit it at nighttimes either.

We have used another very simple principle having designed the Cunningham Wood Burning Stoves to be thermostatically heat heat controlled. The thermostat is made with two different metals forming coils, that expand and close your air flow as the temperature in your house falls and rises. This makes it possible to wake up in the morning to a cozy house, after having slept all night long. During the day, you will only need to add wood to maintain the warmth throughout the day. The thermostat will do the rest.

I'm sure I don't know why anyone would want to depend on oil or electricity to heat, which is a cool heat compared with wood, and then be handed the bill once a month by the mailman. With the Cunningham Wood Stoves you can bask in the warmth of renewable energy and a lot more peace of mind. No worry about an ice storm and power going off. So what if oil prices go sky high! The sun will continue to shine and the trees will take up that energy. Why not make use of it?

5. What made you choose the porcelain enamel?

The baked-on enamel is the best coating that we could find that cleans easily and remains shiny. Of course, it comes in 2 colours. Black is the base colour but for a little more money stoves are available in hunter green.



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