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Water Coils

Further information, including a MUST SEE video, as well as recommended assembly can be seen here.

The Water Coil to Wood Stoves System:

A water coil system is used to provide you with hot water through your wood burning stoves. The coil extend into the wood stoves, adjacent to the firebox, and water circulates through the coil by means of Thermosyphon or convection water circulation.

The water coils are then connected to a suitable storage tank by pipes. Cold water enters the coils at the lower level and as it is heated by the wood stove, it circulates around through coil, and to the tank via the upper pipe. The hot water is piped from this storage tank to the hot water taps at your kitchen sink, bath tub, etc.

The hot water coils are built of solid stainless steel. Not only does this prevent rust and corrosion, it also prevent the water from being darkened when subject to the intense heat of the wood stoves burn chamber.

Water coil installation will greatly reduce or eliminate your hot water utility bill. Airtight wood burning stoves offer the best advantage, since they maintain heat longer through the airtight process.

Check the different Wood stoves to see which ones support the water coil system.

The Cunningham wood burning stoves are the only stoves we offer which do not support the water coil system through the its base design. You could make use of the water coil by modifying the design, but We will not recommend it. It is your more traditional wood stove.

Hot Water Coil Recommended Assembly

This is the reccommended assembly for the Hot Water Coil.
Use Shut off style if your choice. Just make sure you have a drain on the lower cold feed line.

Recommended Hot Water Coil Assembly


Recommended Hot Water Coil Assembly

Here is a 3D illustration of the Water coil with Storage tank and radiant in-floor heating set up.   hotwater_coil_infloor_radiant_heat_assembly1 (you may be prompted to downlaod a FREE eDrawing viewer 12mg)

PLEASE NOTEthe set up as shown is a sample. Elevation is curtail. This set up would not allow for the water to be used as Potable/ that is for human consumption. However;  if you remove the in-floor lines and expansion tank, etc., that would be the setup for potable water. PDF with Descriptions

Click image to view pdf file options for Hydronic heat systems.

Copper Verses Pex  http://www.coppercanada.ca/publications/pub41e/41e.htm

Please make sure any installation of the Hot Water Coil is installed Professionally.  Nobody wants to experience this. This is NO JOKE.

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