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  • Ken LeRoy

    Ken LeRoy

“First off John as usual it has been a pleasure doing business with you and I would like to thank you for putting the rush on the stove delivery. It arrived today and everything when as smooth as silk. It is now assembled and ready for use in the kitchen.

  • Ken LeRoy

    Ken LeRoy

“I wish every company was as ethical and pleasant to work with as your company. I will be sure to continue to mention your standards of professionalism to all who ask about the purchase. If ever you need a recommendation please feel free to add my name to your list."

  • JKen LeRoy

    Ken LeRoy

“ Looking forward to doing future business with you . Wishing you success in all your endeavours , gratefully yours … Ken LeRoy."

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Bakers Choice Wood Burning Cook Stoves


Installation and Clearance Instructions PDF

The Bakers Choice Wood Burning Cook Stove offers smaller homes a great cook stove option, when bigger wood burning cook stoves just won’t fit. Not only are these wood burning cook stoves but they offer the heat of wood stoves to your whole home Cottage or Hunt Cabin.

With Bakers Choice wood burning cook stoves, cooking and heating go hand in hand. Whether you live OFF GRID or if Disaster Strikes and your hydro is out for days. You won’t be out in the cold or left to go Hungry!   Be Prepared!



Coil Installation options

Extra Set of Fire Bricks with new Stove -$130.00
Bakers Choice Fire Bricks FULL SET

Bakers Choice Fire Bricks FULL SET

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Within Ontario:HST

Within Canada: based on local HST + GST Laws U.S.

and Other Countries: Subject to Local Laws & Duties

Shipping Available Anywhere

Terms: Prepayment through E-Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal

To order or for shipping cost to your area

Or For Further information, please send an email inquiry

Call or Text Tschirhart’s 1-519-842-1222

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Specifications for Airtight Wood Burning Cook Stoves:

Cook Stove Dimensions

Length 36″
Width 24″
Height 53 ½”

Cooking Surface

Length 34″
Width 21 ½”
Height 32 ½”

Oven Dimensions

Depth 22″
Width 14″
Height 14″

Fire Box Dimensions

Depth 14″
Width 11 ½”
Length 18 ½”

Flue Size 7″ You can use a 6″ or 8″ Chimney

Check with your building inspector or  a WETT certified installer for more details
Oval Location Rear

Shipping Weight 450 lbs
Area Heated 2000 sq. ft.

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To order or for shipping cost to your area
Or For Further information, please send an email inquiry
Or Call Tschirhart’s 519-842-1222 About any of the Amish
Cook Stoves

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